Fun stuff



1. Shape a ball of wax with 4 Mini Babybel®’s waxes, make it flat with the palm of your hand and cut it into 2 pieces.
2. Take one piece to create the body of the porcupine. With a toothpick, draw a line at one third of the wax body to indicate the head of the porcupine.
3. Cut 4 toothpicks in 2 and insert them into the wax to create the spines of the porcupine. 
4. Give your porcupine 2 eyes and a nose with 3 black peppercorns. 
5. Your porcupine is ready for a stroll!
*For kids over 12 or kids with adults

Porcupine made with red Babybel wax and wood sticks
Lobster made with red Babybel wax


1. While enjoying your whole net of Mini Babybel ® 5P, make sure you keep the red wax shells.

2. To make the lobster, we start from the tail. We open one half of a wax shell and give it a concave shape by pushing in the middle with your thumb.

3. To make the body of the lobster, we press 4 halves of the wax against each tother slightly bending them into two.

4. We add the fifth wax half to make the head, and use two perppercorns to make the eyes. The final two wax halves are placed o either side of the lobster head to make the claws. Your lobster is now ready to swim to the bottom of the sea!