Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable packaging

The goodness we wrap our delicious snacks with should match the goodness inside every bite! That’s why we’ve taken big steps to make sure we’re doing our best, both inside and out.

Our wrapper is made of cellulose that comes from certified forests. That means it’s now home-compostable!
Our red wax helps protect and preserve our cheese. Next up: plant-based wax.
We use 100% recycled or certified cardboard, all of which is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


Every day we’re striving to be more and more sustainable!
Here are the steps we’re taking to be better in the future.

We’re looking beyond the net for fully recyclable packaging solutions.

We’re even exploring ways to remove the wrapper altogether (while preserving quality, of course!)

Smiling Babybel® worker wearing gloves and protective gear tossing Babybel snack cheeses onto a production line

We’re reimagining our red wax by finding ways to use materials that are better for the environment like plant-based wax. Stay tuned!

By 2025, we’re striving to make Mini Babybel®’s packaging 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable.


Waste no cheese! We’re making waves in fighting food waste and improving our recycling chain.

With the launch of TerraCycle, now you can collect and send in every piece of our packaging to be fully recycled. Net and all!

No cheese will go to waste on our watch! If there’s any left over, it gets used for other (delicious) products.

We use local recycling streams to recycle packaging waste.

No leftovers here! Portions for one don’t just mean a balanced diet. They also mean less leftover waste.